Website development for small service oriented businesses

At Purveu, we strive to do one thing well, and that is to make the best websites for small, service oriented companies.  We are well aware that your time as a small business owner is valuable.  You don’t have time to waste spelling out every last detail of how your website should look and function.  You just need it to work for you, sooner rather than later.  This is where Purveu comes in.  Our process makes it easy for you to control what is on your website.  You write your content, and we make sure your message gets to your customers in the medium your customers want it in.

Website Development

The OSM Website in a Desktop Web Browser by Purveu

At Purveu, we strive to be the best at what we do.  We don’t take on every project we can.  We seek out the projects our company is best suited to do.  When it comes to website development, we only use the content management system.  Sure, there are many other popular systems out there like Drupal and Joomla! for building websites.  We could also write your website from scratch, but if we did, we’d be spreading ourselves too thin.  By specializing in WordPress website development, we can stay focused on our mission, which is to provide the best websites for small, service oriented companies.

Professional Graphic Design

Many independent website designers believe they can do it all.  In other words, they try to take the graphic design and attempt to handle the software development involved in building a website at the same time.  At Purveu, we don’t believe in unicorns, but we do believe that only unicorns can be both artists and scientists at the same time.  Unlike many website development companies, we have people that focus only on what they are good at.

When we take on a website project at Purveu, once we meet with you and determine exactly what your website requirements are, one of our professional graphic designers will work with you to come up with the exact design elements and graphics you need for your website.

A Custom Website Template

Coley Vending Website in a Browser by Purveu

Once you approve of the design elements, one of our website developers will get to work on turning your website vision into reality.  Our website developers will build a custom template that not only looks good on your computer, the website will look and perform great on any device, whether that device is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer with a large, high resolution screen.  Our developers also follow WordPress standards to ensure that your website will continue to work properly and seamlessly even as major updates are made to WordPress.

Since we don’t use pre fabricated, purchased stock themes to build your website, we not only build you a website that fits perfectly with your existing company branding, but you don’t need to worry about your website having performance or security issues that could arise if a third party stopped maintaining your theme.

We at Purveu apply a minimalist philosophy when it comes to using third party plugins on your website.  Some WordPress developers rely heavily on plugins to achieve the look and feel of their website.  At Purveu, since we build the design in house, and we only use plugins to add necessary functionality to your website.  If the plugin doesn’t add direct value for you or your customers, we won’t use it.  We are very selective of what plugins we use, and we stick to a core set of well tested, up to date WordPress plugins.  We do this to not only optimize the performance of your website, but to maximize security, as more plugins mean more code, and more code means more opportunities for hackers to exploit.

Website Maintenance

We know you are busy.  We also know that you don’t want to be an expert in Internet security.  Therefore we don’t just build your website and walk away.  The website is only the beginning.  As updates for WordPress are released, we maintain your website by administering the updates and make any required changes to the theme required by those updates.

Online Presence Management

Once your site is online, that’s only the beginning.  The Internet is no longer the Field of Dreams.  Just because we built it, that doesn’t mean that anyone will visit your website.  People only visit websites that have content they want and need.  Even if your website has great content, it needs to be easy to find.  According to,  there are 3.94 Billion web pages, as of September 15th, 2013.  With that many web pages available, it is impossible to guarantee that your website will appear at the top of every web search.  Anyone that claims they can do this is lying.  With that said, it is possible to optimize a website to positively influence placement of a website on the major search engines.  At Purveu, we do everything we can to improve your website’s visibility by using the latest proven techniques in search engine optimization without compromising your website’s content.  After all, what will ultimately bring in new quality customers is well written, unique and valuable content.  If your website is built purely to attract search engine placement, humans will be put off by the mechanical content.

Today, search engines are not the only way your site can be found.  In fact, there’s a much better way to attract people that are actual potential customers to your business, and that is social networking.  One of the biggest reasons we use WordPress is that it’s not only great for building a website, it’s actually the biggest and best blogging platform on the planet.  Using WordPress, we can help you to create unique, high quality content about you and your business that will attract your customers.  We build websites for our customers so that they can share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest about what their company does for their customers.  We also help our customers produce compelling video to be shared on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.  Every time you produce a new video or blog entry on your website, your content is shared on major social networks.  Those impressions  lead visitors to your website, convincing them to become your next customer.

WordPress Editor Training

Okay, you have a website, but now what?  Many website development companies build your website and walk away.  Other website companies nickel and dime you by charging  for even the most mundane of updates.  At Purveu, we’re different.  We truly believe in the idea that if we teach you to fish, you can feed yourself for a lifetime.  In the case of a website, once it is built, we train you or a member of your staff to create new content.  We monitor your progress and help you write great content.  If writing isn’t your strong suit, we have editors with English degrees that can turn your rough drafts into great final copy.

At Purveu, we treat our customers as if we are your personal tailor.  We design a unique online presence that’s perfectly suited for your business.

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