Monthly Archives: October 2013

Blogs at Purveu

Thank you for visiting the Purveu website.  On this website, in addition to general information about the Purveu website development company, you will find blogs about the work we do for our clients, reviews of the products and tools we use at Purveu, and tutorials on how to build and improve your own website, for the DIY crowd.

Client Blogs

Once a client’s site goes live and becomes available on the Internet, we here at Purveu will publish a blog about the work we’ve done for our clients.  This may seem like we are tooting our own horn, so to speak.  The primary reason we write these blog entries is to help promote our client’s new or updated site.  Search engines like Google promote sites in their rankings when they find other sites pointing to them.  Therefore, it’s a little way we give our client’s sites a bit of a head start.  In addition, we hope you find the information on these pages useful if you are searching for a website development company.

Product Review Blogs

We use a lot of tools to build great websites.  Some of these tools are extremely popular and well documented.  Some of our tools may be more obscure.  The intent of these reviews is to explain how we use these tools, in hopes of inspiring other developers to either try new tools or better use the tools they already have.  At Purveu, we like to share.


For the do it yourself crowd, we here at Purveu are publishing a series of tutorials on the topic of web development.  This series is intended for small business owners that want to try to build their websites on their own.  If you know your way around your computer, and you know your way around the Internet and you are somewhat technically inclined, these tutorials are written with you in mind.  If you have no idea what HTML and CSS are, this tutorials may be too advanced.  These tutorials are not meant for experts or website development professionals either, as they are meant for the power user or do it yourself person that likes to get their hands dirty.  Our founder, Brian Gasperosky, is a former college instructor who spent several years teaching classes on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Adobe Dreamweaver.  Our hope is that you find these tutorials useful.  Also, if you find yourself getting in over your head, our hope is that you’ll consider contacting Purveu to help you build your site if you become overwhelmed.  With this said, these tutorials are simply tutorials.  We are not responsible for anything you do in any way on your own.  We do welcome commentary and feedback on the tutorials themselves though.  So, if you have any constructive criticism, comments, or praise for a particular article, feel free to sign in and post a comment on that article.