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Franklin Medical Consultants

Franklin Medical Consultants website by Purveu
Franklin Medical Consultants website by Purveu

Like several of Purveu’s clients, Franklin Medical Consultants already had a website. The problem was, the original website designer hired to build the website never finished the project. It turns out, the website had been online for nearly a year, in an unfinished state, though it was impossible to find. It was difficult to find in part due to the domain name recommended by the designer. Poorly chosen domain names can make it more difficult to be found on search engines like Google, but they are not the sole factor. Unfortunately, the original site designer didn’t do much, if anything to ensure the site would be found by the search engines, and it showed. Franklin Medical Consultants didn’t even show up on the first page of the search results for “Franklin Medical Consultants”. Making matters worse, the former designer was charging $200 a month to “guarantee top search engine placement”! This kind of shoddy workmanship and shady business practices are exactly what give web designers a bad name.

The Franklin Medical Consultants Website Employs a Search Engine and Human Friendly Design

A search for "Southfield Medical Doctor" on Google lists on the top of the local and organic results.
A search for “Southfield Medical Doctor” on Google lists on the top of the local and organic results.

When Purveu took on the Franklin Medical Consultants website in October of 2013, the mission was simple: create a clean, simple and straightforward website that potential patients can easily find. So, that’s exactly what we did. Knowing that returning customers would likely be looking to make an appointment, we placed the phone number and hours of operation at the top of the page along with the logo. Directions to the clinic are in the footer of every page. New patients can now print out the new patient assessment form directly from the website, saving them and the office staff time on the first visit.

Using a more descriptive domain name,, along with current search engine optimization standards documented by both Google and Bing, Purveu was able to propel the relaunched Franklin Medical Consultants website from obscurity to the top of the search engine listings for phrases like “Southfield doctor” within the first three months of the relaunch.