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Franklin Medical Consultants

Franklin Medical Consultants website by Purveu
Franklin Medical Consultants website by Purveu

Like several of Purveu’s clients, Franklin Medical Consultants already had a website. The problem was, the original website designer hired to build the website never finished the project. It turns out, the website had been online for nearly a year, in an unfinished state, though it was impossible to find. It was difficult to find in part due to the domain name recommended by the designer. Poorly chosen domain names can make it more difficult to be found on search engines like Google, but they are not the sole factor. Unfortunately, the original site designer didn’t do much, if anything to ensure the site would be found by the search engines, and it showed. Franklin Medical Consultants didn’t even show up on the first page of the search results for “Franklin Medical Consultants”. Making matters worse, the former designer was charging $200 a month to “guarantee top search engine placement”! This kind of shoddy workmanship and shady business practices are exactly what give web designers a bad name.

The Franklin Medical Consultants Website Employs a Search Engine and Human Friendly Design

A search for "Southfield Medical Doctor" on Google lists on the top of the local and organic results.
A search for “Southfield Medical Doctor” on Google lists on the top of the local and organic results.

When Purveu took on the Franklin Medical Consultants website in October of 2013, the mission was simple: create a clean, simple and straightforward website that potential patients can easily find. So, that’s exactly what we did. Knowing that returning customers would likely be looking to make an appointment, we placed the phone number and hours of operation at the top of the page along with the logo. Directions to the clinic are in the footer of every page. New patients can now print out the new patient assessment form directly from the website, saving them and the office staff time on the first visit.

Using a more descriptive domain name,, along with current search engine optimization standards documented by both Google and Bing, Purveu was able to propel the relaunched Franklin Medical Consultants website from obscurity to the top of the search engine listings for phrases like “Southfield doctor” within the first three months of the relaunch.

Museum of Devotion and Another Cold Wave

It’s been chilly here for the past few weeks.  We recently experienced a cold wave where wind chills hit a record -40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Currently, local meteorologists have forecasted yet another cold wave this week.

Here at Purveu, we like a good challenge.  Though we focus primarily on helping small businesses build their online presence to attract their local customer base, we are not afraid to take on a unique project here and there.  In addition, we at Purveu all come from the worlds of art and music.  So, when the 1980’s Coldwave band Museum of Devotion asked if we’d be willing to take on helping them market their first new material in over two decades, we couldn’t resist the opportunity.  Or perhaps we took on this project due to cold waves our area of the world has been experiencing as of late.  Either way, helping Museum of Devotion get reacquainted with their audience has proven to be a great project for Purveu.

About Museum of Devotion

Museum of Devotion in 2014
Pictured: Museum of Devotion. Robert Anderson, left. James Cooper, right. January 1, 2014.

Museum of Devotion is a Coldwave band who between 1988 and 1990 released two albums and an EP which include their 1988 debut, …to the pink period, and the 1990 album, Wants Versus Needs.  Though Museum of Devotion never found mainstream success in the United States, but they did become a fixture in the French and Belgium Coldwave scenes in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Though the band has been in hiatus for over 20 years, they are still remembered within the French music scene, so much so that the French music press still compares newer acts in the Coldwave genre to Museum of Devotion.  For example, in a quick review of an album by Nerve Exhibit, Premonition magazine compared Nerve Exhibit’s sound to Museum of Devotion, New Order, and Skinny Puppy.

On this project, Purveu not only built the band’s new web site, we worked on creating the band’s official online presence.  For years, Museum of Devotion fans had been sharing the band’s music on sites like YouTube.  Since the band’s music had been out of print for years, we chose to view the bootlegged music as a form of free promotion, and an opportunity to network with fans scattered around the globe.  So, we didn’t issue any takedown requests. Instead, wherever we found Museum of Devotion’s music being shared, we simply invited fans to connect directly with the band’s web site, the Museum of Devotion Facebook Page or the Museum of Devotion YouTube channel.

When the band went into hiatus, it wasn’t initially by choice.  Their label, New Rose records, folded.  At the time, the band was working on their first music video for the single, Slomo.  Using the footage shot for that video, Purveu picked up where New Rose left off by digitizing the original 8mm footage, editing and doing the post production work on the video.  On January 1st, 2014, Museum of Devotion officially released their Slomo music video on YouTube.

Another Cold Wave

Another Cold Wave by Museum of Devotion
Another Cold Wave by Museum of Devotion

With the web site launched, the video available on YouTube, and the the social media presence established, Museum of Devotion are now working on officially reissuing their old material and releasing a new EP entitled Another Cold Wave.  Purveu is assisting with this process by creating the album cover, liner notes, and advising on digital distribution.  Their entire catalog will be available both through digital and physical distribution in 2014.

Coley Vending

Coley Vending Website in a Browser by Purveu
The 2013 Coley Vending Website Redesign in a Browser by Purveu

Coley Vending, Inc. is one of Purveu’s oldest clients.  In fact, Coley’s first website was created by our founder when he was freelancing several years ago.  The original website was hand coded from scratch.  While the website served its purpose when it was created, the market changed dramatically in a few short years.  The biggest shift is to mobile devices.  Cell phones were rarely used to visit websites when the first Coley Vending site was created.  Tablets were nearly non-existent.  Adobe Flash was a popular medium for creating animation on websites.

The Coley Vending Website has been Updated for a Changing Market

The Coley Vending website on a cell phone by Purveu
The Coley Vending website on a cell phone by Purveu

Today of course, people frequently visit web sites via their cell phones and tablets.  Some people no longer use traditional desktop computers at home.  More than ever, people visit sites with their mobile devices on the go.  Adobe Flash does not work on mobile devices.  Coley also wanted to take control of their content.  They no longer wanted to contact a web developer, even our founder, to make simple changes to their website.  They wanted to create their own content.

In 2013, Coley Vending approached Purveu and asked to have their website rebuilt so that their employees could maintain the site.  Purveu delivered this functionality through WordPress.  Multiple Coley employees have access to create and edit content on the Coley Vending website.  Purveu provided custom online help articles for these employees to access.  Purveu provided training to teach Coley employees how to add and update content.  The website was redesigned to provide a good experience for any visitors to the website.  The original website design was kept intact.  Even the Adobe Flash animation that the owner of Coley Vending is fond of is on the website, but it now only appears when a visitor’s browser has a compatible Adobe Flash plugin for their web browser.  Mobile viewers see a static image instead.

Coley Vending website on a tablet by Purveu
The Coley Vending website on a tablet by Purveu


The OSM Website in a Desktop Web Browser by Purveu
The OSM Website in a Desktop Web Browser by Purveu

When OSM (On-Site Management) first approached Purveu, they already had a website.  The problem was, they knew the website wasn’t serving them well.  Though the website looked good in a web browser on a computer, it didn’t work on tablets or cell phones.  To make matters worse, there wasn’t any text on any of the pages.  They had content, but the website designer they hired for the original site had simply created images for the entire page and posted those mockups as the final webpages.  This is what happens when a graphic designer without web development experience tries to be a web developer.  It just doesn’t work.

OSM Website reader view by Purveu
OSM Website in reader view by Purveu

The site only looked good at the screen resolution the graphic designer built the site in.  On large high resolution monitors, most of the page was empty.  The images were too big for tablets and cell phones.  If a visitor on a cell phone had enough patience to find the phone number, they couldn’t click on the number to dial it.  They had to write the number down or memorize it.  To make matters worse, without any real content on the page, search engines could not index the OSM website.  As a result, very few people visited the OSM site, because their site did not exist in Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The new OSM Website is now Mobile and Search Engine Friendly

The OSM Website on a Cell Phone
The OSM Website on a Cell Phone by Purveu

Purveu worked with OSM to rebuild their website to meet their demands.  The website is now very search engine friendly.  Relevant content is being indexed by all of the major search engines.  The website is more visually appealing, because one of Purveu’s graphic designers worked with OSM to fit the website in with their existing branding.  Using WordPress, Purveu translated the graphic designer’s vision into a website that looks great and functions well regardless of what visitors use to access it.  One of the key features OSM needed on the site was a global map displaying the location of each restaurant franchise they have renovated.  Purveu provided this feature via the MapsMarker plugin for WordPress.  The  website content is now maintained by employees at OSM.  Purveu provided OSM with step by step help documentation and hands on training for WordPress.  Purveu continues to meet with OSM to aid  in developing their proficiency in WordPress so they can add content the website.  Purveu also manages the website by installing updates to WordPress.  Purveu regularly backs up the website.  As OSM creates new content, Purveu reviews the content and provides suggestions to improve search engine rankings while focusing on visitor accessibility.  With the ongoing partnership between OSM and Purveu, we are building a website that showcases OSM better than most of the competition in their field.

The OSM Website on a Tablet
The OSM Website on a Tablet by Purveu