Coley Vending

Coley Vending Website in a Browser by Purveu
The 2013 Coley Vending Website Redesign in a Browser by Purveu

Coley Vending, Inc. is one of Purveu’s oldest clients.  In fact, Coley’s first website was created by our founder when he was freelancing several years ago.  The original website was hand coded from scratch.  While the website served its purpose when it was created, the market changed dramatically in a few short years.  The biggest shift is to mobile devices.  Cell phones were rarely used to visit websites when the first Coley Vending site was created.  Tablets were nearly non-existent.  Adobe Flash was a popular medium for creating animation on websites.

The Coley Vending Website has been Updated for a Changing Market

The Coley Vending website on a cell phone by Purveu
The Coley Vending website on a cell phone by Purveu

Today of course, people frequently visit web sites via their cell phones and tablets.  Some people no longer use traditional desktop computers at home.  More than ever, people visit sites with their mobile devices on the go.  Adobe Flash does not work on mobile devices.  Coley also wanted to take control of their content.  They no longer wanted to contact a web developer, even our founder, to make simple changes to their website.  They wanted to create their own content.

In 2013, Coley Vending approached Purveu and asked to have their website rebuilt so that their employees could maintain the site.  Purveu delivered this functionality through WordPress.  Multiple Coley employees have access to create and edit content on the Coley Vending website.  Purveu provided custom online help articles for these employees to access.  Purveu provided training to teach Coley employees how to add and update content.  The website was redesigned to provide a good experience for any visitors to the website.  The original website design was kept intact.  Even the Adobe Flash animation that the owner of Coley Vending is fond of is on the website, but it now only appears when a visitor’s browser has a compatible Adobe Flash plugin for their web browser.  Mobile viewers see a static image instead.

Coley Vending website on a tablet by Purveu
The Coley Vending website on a tablet by Purveu