Museum of Devotion and Another Cold Wave

It’s been chilly here for the past few weeks.  We recently experienced a cold wave where wind chills hit a record -40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Currently, local meteorologists have forecasted yet another cold wave this week.

Here at Purveu, we like a good challenge.  Though we focus primarily on helping small businesses build their online presence to attract their local customer base, we are not afraid to take on a unique project here and there.  In addition, we at Purveu all come from the worlds of art and music.  So, when the 1980’s Coldwave band Museum of Devotion asked if we’d be willing to take on helping them market their first new material in over two decades, we couldn’t resist the opportunity.  Or perhaps we took on this project due to cold waves our area of the world has been experiencing as of late.  Either way, helping Museum of Devotion get reacquainted with their audience has proven to be a great project for Purveu.

About Museum of Devotion

Museum of Devotion in 2014
Pictured: Museum of Devotion. Robert Anderson, left. James Cooper, right. January 1, 2014.

Museum of Devotion is a Coldwave band who between 1988 and 1990 released two albums and an EP which include their 1988 debut, …to the pink period, and the 1990 album, Wants Versus Needs.  Though Museum of Devotion never found mainstream success in the United States, but they did become a fixture in the French and Belgium Coldwave scenes in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Though the band has been in hiatus for over 20 years, they are still remembered within the French music scene, so much so that the French music press still compares newer acts in the Coldwave genre to Museum of Devotion.  For example, in a quick review of an album by Nerve Exhibit, Premonition magazine compared Nerve Exhibit’s sound to Museum of Devotion, New Order, and Skinny Puppy.

On this project, Purveu not only built the band’s new web site, we worked on creating the band’s official online presence.  For years, Museum of Devotion fans had been sharing the band’s music on sites like YouTube.  Since the band’s music had been out of print for years, we chose to view the bootlegged music as a form of free promotion, and an opportunity to network with fans scattered around the globe.  So, we didn’t issue any takedown requests. Instead, wherever we found Museum of Devotion’s music being shared, we simply invited fans to connect directly with the band’s web site, the Museum of Devotion Facebook Page or the Museum of Devotion YouTube channel.

When the band went into hiatus, it wasn’t initially by choice.  Their label, New Rose records, folded.  At the time, the band was working on their first music video for the single, Slomo.  Using the footage shot for that video, Purveu picked up where New Rose left off by digitizing the original 8mm footage, editing and doing the post production work on the video.  On January 1st, 2014, Museum of Devotion officially released their Slomo music video on YouTube.

Another Cold Wave

Another Cold Wave by Museum of Devotion
Another Cold Wave by Museum of Devotion

With the web site launched, the video available on YouTube, and the the social media presence established, Museum of Devotion are now working on officially reissuing their old material and releasing a new EP entitled Another Cold Wave.  Purveu is assisting with this process by creating the album cover, liner notes, and advising on digital distribution.  Their entire catalog will be available both through digital and physical distribution in 2014.