The OSM Website in a Desktop Web Browser by Purveu
The OSM Website in a Desktop Web Browser by Purveu

When OSM (On-Site Management) first approached Purveu, they already had a website.  The problem was, they knew the website wasn’t serving them well.  Though the website looked good in a web browser on a computer, it didn’t work on tablets or cell phones.  To make matters worse, there wasn’t any text on any of the pages.  They had content, but the website designer they hired for the original site had simply created images for the entire page and posted those mockups as the final webpages.  This is what happens when a graphic designer without web development experience tries to be a web developer.  It just doesn’t work.

OSM Website reader view by Purveu
OSM Website in reader view by Purveu

The site only looked good at the screen resolution the graphic designer built the site in.  On large high resolution monitors, most of the page was empty.  The images were too big for tablets and cell phones.  If a visitor on a cell phone had enough patience to find the phone number, they couldn’t click on the number to dial it.  They had to write the number down or memorize it.  To make matters worse, without any real content on the page, search engines could not index the OSM website.  As a result, very few people visited the OSM site, because their site did not exist in Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The new OSM Website is now Mobile and Search Engine Friendly

The OSM Website on a Cell Phone
The OSM Website on a Cell Phone by Purveu

Purveu worked with OSM to rebuild their website to meet their demands.  The website is now very search engine friendly.  Relevant content is being indexed by all of the major search engines.  The website is more visually appealing, because one of Purveu’s graphic designers worked with OSM to fit the website in with their existing branding.  Using WordPress, Purveu translated the graphic designer’s vision into a website that looks great and functions well regardless of what visitors use to access it.  One of the key features OSM needed on the site was a global map displaying the location of each restaurant franchise they have renovated.  Purveu provided this feature via the MapsMarker plugin for WordPress.  The  website content is now maintained by employees at OSM.  Purveu provided OSM with step by step help documentation and hands on training for WordPress.  Purveu continues to meet with OSM to aid  in developing their proficiency in WordPress so they can add content the website.  Purveu also manages the website by installing updates to WordPress.  Purveu regularly backs up the website.  As OSM creates new content, Purveu reviews the content and provides suggestions to improve search engine rankings while focusing on visitor accessibility.  With the ongoing partnership between OSM and Purveu, we are building a website that showcases OSM better than most of the competition in their field.

The OSM Website on a Tablet
The OSM Website on a Tablet by Purveu