Why I Started Purveu

Purveu, LLC may be a new company, the people behind Purveu have been active in website development, graphic design and marketing for many years. In fact, I started building websites professionally in 1994. Back then, things were pretty simple. The only common way people accessed the Internet was via a computer.  There was only one web browser, Mosaic.  Things have evolved considerably since then.  In addition to a wide array of web browsers, almost anything with a chip in it is now accessing the Internet.  In addition to computers, devices like tablets, cell phones, thermostats, televisions, and even light bulbs are now connected to the Internet.  Many professionals in all fields are connecting to the Internet on the go.  These people are accessing websites via their cell phones, tablets, and laptops rather than through a desktop computer.  Sadly, many website designers have not kept up with the rapidly evolving market.  These website designers seem content with building beautiful websites that only work well on computers, or in a few remaining extreme cases, some designers insist upon still designing websites for one version of one browser.  The reality is, they are turning away more site visitors than they are embracing.  This is why I founded Purveu.

The Purveu Mission

At Purveu, our mission is simple.  We strive to make great websites for small, service driven businesses.  We focus on this business segment because we feel this segment has been underserved by other website designers.  Many website development firms are to expensive for many small business owners to afford.  Most of our clients are companies of 25 employees or less.  This means they don’t have money for a full time marketing department, nor do they have the money to shell out for a large scale website development project.  At the same time, these small businesses do not want to settle for a poorly designed, unmaintained website built by someone on the cheap.  These companies also do not have the time to learn to build websites themselves.  This is where Purveu comes in.  We keep our operating costs to a minimum.  Purveu doesn’t have a fancy office in some prime commercial real estate district.  Since our product and services are entirely virtual, our designers, developers and marketers all work wherever they want to.  When we meet we our clients, we visit our clients.  This gives us a feel for how our clients’ businesses operate, which helps us better serve them.  Meeting with our clients on their terms, in their businesses is another thing that makes Purveu different.  A small business focus, personal attention to detail, and minimal overhead, all so we can provide great service at a reasonable price.  That’s why I started Purveu.

Brian Gasperosky
Founder of Purveu, LLC