Sobstad Sails McLaren Emergency Mask Making Meetup

Sobstad Sails, Purveu LLC, and Freedom Sailing Tours are teaming up to quickly create 500 medical masks for McLaren hospitals. The need for these masks is immediate, and the situation is only getting worse by the minute as the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak spreads. Purveu, LLC has donated the funds and purchased the materials needed to make these masks. Sobstad Sails has generously provided their facility and sewing equipment to make these masks, though we’re finding smaller, home machines are more suited for making masks than larger machines made to sew large swaths of canvas. We are working with McLaren to get these masks made, sanitized, and used in their supply chain ASAP. The masks we are making have been approved by McLaren and will be used until they are able to obtain the professionally manufactured masks they normally use.

You can help one of two ways:
1) You can sign up below and show up to help us create these masks this week. We are looking for two people that can sew each night from 5-9pm in or near the St. Clair Shores area. UPDATE: We have enough sewers! Thank you everyone!
2) You can contribute to our Go Fund Me campaign here to help pay for materials, tools and supplies we are purchasing to create these masks.

A special thank you to Beebe McCarrick and Jo-Ann Fabrics in Grosse Pointe Farms for all of her help in getting us a great deal on a high volume of fabric in short order.